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18 January 2011


For you to shield yourself from talking bad stuff, you have to say good stuff or just keep quiet.
A hadith narrated by Malik
“Who believes in Allah and the Last Day should talk what is good or keep quiet.” (i.e. abstain from dirty and evil talk, and should think before uttering).
A quote by Hukama’:
“Being quiet doesn’t indicate that you’re stupid, being articulate doesn’t show that you’re bright, someone who is intelligent only speaks whenever is needed too is far better than a dim-witted who talks all the time.”
Being quiet here does not mean you have to freeze all the time and speaks whenever spoken too but say what is enjoined and forget what is forbidden. By doing this, every word that comes out of your mouth is 3M — Meaningful, Memorable and Mesmerizing.
The time is with us when we keep quiet. We can save time by thinking thoroughly about something rather than chatter all day long. When we talk, we are remembering people about Allah. This is because “A mukmin when talks are Zikr and when quiet is Fikr.” By doing this, it gives tranquility in our mind and heart. That is why we see people who owns this criteria seems to be very calmed, relaxed and looks confident and every word he utters are momentous.
The most significant of all when we keep quiet is that it safeguards us from doing sins. This is because the sins contributed by our tongue alone can throw us in the hell fire. Haven’t we known the fact that our tongue has no bones? That is why it can move freely as if it has a mind of its own.
So what now?
Train yourself to talk less.
Towards a better quality of life Inshaallah. Less talk, think more. Silence please!

Source: Wikipedia

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